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Meet the owners 1M


Hey! My name is Christian McBeath, I went to UK and am born and raised in Lexington! I love it and know my way around pretty well. I love to golf and watch golf! Can't wait to meet you, thanks for stopping by the website!


My name is Brett Wilkins, I am a student at the University of Kentucky studying business and organizational communications. I was born and live in Lexington, Kentucky. I am involved with ministry and love being active! I’m excited to meet you and make your home shine!

About us

Committed to Keeping Your Home and Windows Squeaky Clean

Big Blue Washers is a company that specializes in pressure washing all surface and soft washing houses. You can have just exterior done for a discounted price. We pride ourselves on serving our customers in an efficient matter, with that said our main slogan is slow down to speed up. Hiring us is knowing that you are hiring someone you can trust. Thank you for choosing Big Blue Washers.

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